Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I came back from training around mid Feb without any intention of building a house, I'd just started a new job, went to Sydney for training and came back in Feb, still on probation with the only plan to buy a new car!

So a discussion with my partner Steph arose and we entertained the idea of building a house. That weekend we went to look at display houses and pretty much decided then and there that we where going to build a house. Then we had to choose a location... as with all real estate everything is LOCATION.. LOCATION.. LOCATION.
So these where our criterias...

Shop access - For groceries.
Public Transport - As I travel to the city every day, this was the most important.
Public Schooling - Making this A LOT easier to take our 6 year old daughter to School.
Cost of land - As we are still relatively young with $3k savings for a deposit, you could say we where on a budget..

We chose to build in Marriot Waters (Lyndhurst) as out of the local estates I felt this would have the biggest growth with all the new facilities going in as well as being a short walk to the train station.
Now we decided on where we had to decide WHO.. WHO was going to lend us some money lol and WHO was going to build the house. At first we decided Burbank as we really liked there display homes, they had modern fireplaces and we liked there floor plans, upon talking to them, we told them how much deposit we had and didn't want anything to do with us! Didn't even offer guidance on what to do next. There where a couple other builders similar but they didn't want to help either..
So we went to PD, they had the best Land and House packages and by best I mean one of the cheapest lol. Long story short, we had to wait till they released Stage 12 (Accross the road from the Primary School on Brookwater Pde) and by the time we went there PD had sold every block of land in stage 12 within 1 day!! HOWEVER one block was still in question, the person that wanted the block did NOT put a deposit on the block but went to loook at the land first, we jumped in while he was gone and snatched up the land! hehehe you snooze you loose :P
(That guy didn't end up coming back anyway).

So what of the deposit? The Mortgage Choice said we had quilified for a 95% loan with Bank West with no genuine savings required, So I got a loan off a family member for 10k to have in my account while we saved our own funds!
The land chosen was one of the cheaper ones in MW at $169k but we are close to the primary school, in full view of the lakes and park land with no houses in front and about 100m from the proposed shopping site.. LOCATION.. LOCATION.. LOCATION.. :D

By this stage we hadn't chosen our house, but on paper we had just put The Stanford, the sales rep gave us a week to decide what house to choose.

Here's a pic of the location of our block..

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