Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

So I thought I'd put up an update seeing as I haven't done one for a while.

Ever since the insulation issue, it seems like something just goes wrong one after the other.

First time around we had the heavy rains and it had destroyed all the plaster in the garage and a couple sheets within the house because they hadn't completed the roof properly.
Now, we're supposed to be at fixing stage (we've received the fixing invoice) and the roof still isint completed!

We've a whole where the roof scaffolding used to sit and on the same corner, they haven't even finished capping the roof!

The roof over the garage has the guttering but hasn't been finished off properly so the run off doesn't reach the guttering and instead goes straight onto the plaster. I would have thought the roof would be completed before any plaster goes in... Just frustrating because they where on a good roll with everything going well, now this will be the third time putting up the plaster and they're going to have to get all the cornices and skirting done again AND then get the plasters back to smooth off all the walls.

What a waste of time! ><.. I'll post up a picture when I get home.
Stay Tuned

Monday, March 15, 2010

My post from H1: Insulation

Yeah, they stuffed up :)
My spoke to the csc, they said it's in the PCV, it's documented and paid for, it'll be done. Spoke to our SS and they said they'll be doing it today, so my partner is there and met with the SS to make sure it goes through the ENTIRE house (for some reason the SS was saying it's just the HT :( )

It's a worry though, that if you're not on top of what they're doing then they'll push you over and keep going

EDIT: Another update.. The SS has to check back with the csc to make sure that all the internal walls are indeed supposed to be insulated and not just the home theater. Apparently the removal of one side of plaster and putting in the insulation will delay the build by a week!

EDIT 2: The builders have accepted fault with not being specific enough re: where the insulation needs to go, and will be putting insulation throughout the entire house at no extra charge. I spoke to the production manager who then put me through to the regional manager (who was very friendly by the way) and has agreed to put the insulation in. If they had got it right from the start I should have rightfully been charged $2500 for the insulation, now it's $1,100 :) very happy with those results.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Green Update

So another week on and so comes another update.

With all the frame up I've noticed all the pre-fab internal work is about 50mm below the frame that the builders put up.. now I'm not sure if thats something to be concerned about or will they just plaster up to the roof and put in the skirting to cover it up?

I don't have a photo of it but I will tomorrow.

Anyway aside from that, the build has been good, a couple of split noggins but nothing to be concerned about.

24 tonnes of bricks! Jarrah, hopefully I can get in there before all the left overs are taken away :-P. Need to talk to the SS about that.

Close up of the Jarrah bricks which will go with the standard gray mortar.

Doors installed. =] They are pretty.

Actually you can see the gap between the study and roof there.
But yeah, all the internals finished off and central heating and ducts have been installed.

The Green House!!
Should have closed that door though... Would have made a nicer photo :-P

Till next time =]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Timber and Glass

So with construction coming along nicely, I've a new update to post.

We've now completed our frame stage!! And they commence lockup stage this week!

Here's some photos of the frame.

The finished product! Not bad... 27k for 5 days work.

The rear double doors installed. Did I mention how much I love the size of them?

Nice open dining and lounge.

Our entrance. With Steph standing there you can really see how wide it is.

There's more photos here.
Just need to decide what to do with all the space :-P... We don't have that much stuff

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Construction Update - Photo heavy

SOooo we have an update! YAY. If you're reading my home one thread you'll know that I now have Slabulicous slab! If you're not following that then this is news and I have a slab!!

Anxious for a photo?
Here is the beauty.
 I didn't realize the house will be so square :S.. Hopefully it'll look OK once the decking goes in the back.
Since then we've had all our windows delivered and timber for the frame.

These windows are for the master bedroom and ensuite. We initially thought all the master bedroom windows will be 3 seperate windows that look like the ensuite window, when it was too late, we found it it's 3 ensuite windows joint together to make one big window. So we'll get some bi-fold shutters and hopefully it'll still look OK.

These windows are all for the sides and back of house. The massive door there is the double sliding door for the back, I looove the size of them! It should really open the dining area onto the back yard to make a big indoor / outdoor living space.


The timber to be used for the frame.


And the bottom half of the frame!

Those tiles there, I thought our roof tiles had been delivered early, turns out they're the neighbors tiles sitting on our block :(

This is the nice wide entrance to the house, almost a straight line to the back door but a bit off. Not a big believer of Feng Shui etc. But it doesn't hurt to be a little precautious  :P

And this is the wide back door I was talking about. It's HUUGE. <3's it. The decking / BBQ / Fireplace will sit out there.


And that's it.
Hopefully when I head back there tonight they'll have the roof trusses on. Who knows.. maybe they'll have delivered our roof tiles now :P

New Image Hosting

So I've just changed the image hosting from photobucket to Google's Picasa. Better synchronization and management with Picasa and it's faster to navigate around.

Also added a new construction link on the right hand side there which will take you to all the photo's I've taken while on site. And the time lapse is the same location at each day end of each notable change on site.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Plumbing and underlay

So since a week and a half ago, keeping up our regular routine of checking the site everyday we've seen a lil bit of progress... Kinda.

All around the start of last week we saw them rip up the block to install the plumbing. They made a big mess of it too, dirt piles everywhere, gravel all around, there was a giant hole where all the plumbing connects back to the main sewerage line.
That was for a day or so then they filled it all in and didn't touch the block for a week until last Saturday when they decided to deliver our red gravel! Surprising though, I thought no one in the building trade works on weekends, but we saw our neighbors waffle pods get delivered and the pre-slab box in place ready for the pour.

The direct pictures to all our photos from the block are here:
Development Photos

So here's some pictures of the development.

So now we're hoping that they'll finish boxing and slab by Thursday with early next week start on the frame! Awesome =D