Monday, March 15, 2010

My post from H1: Insulation

Yeah, they stuffed up :)
My spoke to the csc, they said it's in the PCV, it's documented and paid for, it'll be done. Spoke to our SS and they said they'll be doing it today, so my partner is there and met with the SS to make sure it goes through the ENTIRE house (for some reason the SS was saying it's just the HT :( )

It's a worry though, that if you're not on top of what they're doing then they'll push you over and keep going

EDIT: Another update.. The SS has to check back with the csc to make sure that all the internal walls are indeed supposed to be insulated and not just the home theater. Apparently the removal of one side of plaster and putting in the insulation will delay the build by a week!

EDIT 2: The builders have accepted fault with not being specific enough re: where the insulation needs to go, and will be putting insulation throughout the entire house at no extra charge. I spoke to the production manager who then put me through to the regional manager (who was very friendly by the way) and has agreed to put the insulation in. If they had got it right from the start I should have rightfully been charged $2500 for the insulation, now it's $1,100 :) very happy with those results.

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