Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

So I thought I'd put up an update seeing as I haven't done one for a while.

Ever since the insulation issue, it seems like something just goes wrong one after the other.

First time around we had the heavy rains and it had destroyed all the plaster in the garage and a couple sheets within the house because they hadn't completed the roof properly.
Now, we're supposed to be at fixing stage (we've received the fixing invoice) and the roof still isint completed!

We've a whole where the roof scaffolding used to sit and on the same corner, they haven't even finished capping the roof!

The roof over the garage has the guttering but hasn't been finished off properly so the run off doesn't reach the guttering and instead goes straight onto the plaster. I would have thought the roof would be completed before any plaster goes in... Just frustrating because they where on a good roll with everything going well, now this will be the third time putting up the plaster and they're going to have to get all the cornices and skirting done again AND then get the plasters back to smooth off all the walls.

What a waste of time! ><.. I'll post up a picture when I get home.
Stay Tuned

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  1. Hi Mate,
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