Monday, March 1, 2010

The Green Update

So another week on and so comes another update.

With all the frame up I've noticed all the pre-fab internal work is about 50mm below the frame that the builders put up.. now I'm not sure if thats something to be concerned about or will they just plaster up to the roof and put in the skirting to cover it up?

I don't have a photo of it but I will tomorrow.

Anyway aside from that, the build has been good, a couple of split noggins but nothing to be concerned about.

24 tonnes of bricks! Jarrah, hopefully I can get in there before all the left overs are taken away :-P. Need to talk to the SS about that.

Close up of the Jarrah bricks which will go with the standard gray mortar.

Doors installed. =] They are pretty.

Actually you can see the gap between the study and roof there.
But yeah, all the internals finished off and central heating and ducts have been installed.

The Green House!!
Should have closed that door though... Would have made a nicer photo :-P

Till next time =]

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