Monday, February 1, 2010

Plumbing and underlay

So since a week and a half ago, keeping up our regular routine of checking the site everyday we've seen a lil bit of progress... Kinda.

All around the start of last week we saw them rip up the block to install the plumbing. They made a big mess of it too, dirt piles everywhere, gravel all around, there was a giant hole where all the plumbing connects back to the main sewerage line.
That was for a day or so then they filled it all in and didn't touch the block for a week until last Saturday when they decided to deliver our red gravel! Surprising though, I thought no one in the building trade works on weekends, but we saw our neighbors waffle pods get delivered and the pre-slab box in place ready for the pour.

The direct pictures to all our photos from the block are here:
Development Photos

So here's some pictures of the development.

So now we're hoping that they'll finish boxing and slab by Thursday with early next week start on the frame! Awesome =D

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