Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bank Woes >!<

Following my last post a couple minutes ago, i'll put up the story of our bank loan..

So around the end of Feb we had our initial discussion with Mortgage Choice, they had told us we qualified for a 95% loan, all was gravy so we put our loan through with Bank West VIA Mortgage Choice.. YAY we have a bank loan........ IF ONLY IT WHERE THAT EASY

Before applying we had to give them SOOOOO MANY FORMS
-- As I started a new job they wanted proof I had been working in the industry for at least the past year.
-- Proof of work
-- Proof I was not on probation
-- yadda yadda yadda
So FINALLY we handed all our forms in and put through the application.
We also wanted to see if it where beneficial for us to put through a 100% loan application with RAMS and inquired to CBA to see what they could do.
With RAMS they asked for similar information but once the application had been put through they hit it on the head saying I hadn't been with my current employer for long enough.. GRR why didn't they just tell us that before putting in the application in stead of wasting our time...
So CBA, they told us we had just missed out on using the FHOG as a deposit and we now had to show genuine savings for 3 months, they advised to take out a personal loan and sit in our account for 3 months and then apply for a 95% loan + Lenders Mortgage Insurance. UGH.. We didn't have three months so we just stayed with Bank West.

However my brother arranged for us to meet with his mate who happend to be the manager of a CBA branch and speak to him about our options. So we met with him a couple weeks ago and he informed us we quilified for an 85% loan + LMI which means we did NOT have to show 3 months genuine savings YAY for us! So that ment we had a running applicalication with Bank West and CBA. (Effectively the same company).

During all this we are having our tile selection / colour selection and contract signing but i'll get to that later!

So we finally get our tiles / colour and contract all signed off on and submit to the banks for evaluation. Next day Bank West send us a letter informing us they won't give us LMI!!! I call them up and ask why.. aparantly I had not been in my job long enough, By this time I was off probation, my deposit for the house was nearing 30k (Managed to pull together 30k of disposable income in 2 months) but they still said they can't do it.

So now our last hope is with CBA on the 85% loan. 85% loan + 30k income and 26k FHOG makes the funds for our home perfect and gives us time to save for moving in. But in resent events with BW, I call up CBA to make sure that our pre-approval is good, there LMI won't knock us back (Aparantly they have there own internal LMI and wouldn't give us pre-approval if they where going to knock us back. [ We hope so! as our contract cooling off period will end before our evaluations come back]).
So now we wait, we're hoping our evals come back next week with the bank manager helping things along so we don't have to worry about finances any more!! But if what they tell us is true then the only thing we should worry about is if our evaluations come up short :( **crosses fingures**

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