Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Financial Update

Hey my lovely followers and new guests if there are any! My finance has been approved unconditionally! YAY!! Three cheers!! Hip Hip.. HORAYY!!! ok that's enough.

In So our banks come back and valued our house for $355k and we're paying $356k (which has now changed but I'll get to that later) and we've just signed all our contracts, all our post contract variations have been done and now we wait for our land to be settled in August. Although there are things to blog about in between such as the selections I've made colours / plans / updates on Brookwarter Pde construction etc. so DON'T UNFOLLOW :-D .
Plus August is only a couple months away so we can get titled and start developing. :-).

Our post contract variations. We removed our kitchen overhead cupboards as we have a mate who will do them for the same price but with frosted glass instead and proper timber. Added a gas point to the back for a BBQ and a capped water point for the fridge. (we where told they're a bitch to do post hand over).
That variation saved us $400 but then I started reading about power points and you can't have too many of them and quad points and you don't want to run extensions in a new house so that added $1400 in electricals and then we saw Hels insulation and thought... that'd be impossible to do after hand over lol. Sigh.. another $1,100 not to bad in my opinion, hopefully we'll recoup that over 50 years of using the heater less :P

Anyway, Ill post more shortly such as the plans / finishings and colours.

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