Tuesday, May 12, 2009

House Plans Sneak Peak

EDIT: Sorry I've had to take down the house plans as I've been told it's a breach of copyright. =]

For those that are following, here's a piccy of the new house plans.

I'll start a construction thread on H1 sometime soon so everyone can see. But my lovely follows can have a sneak peak :D


  1. Did that work?
    I can't see the picture...

    Here's a direct link in case it doesn't show...


  2. Looking good Tim! I have one question, have you thought about adding a roller door to the rear of the garage to give access to the backyard?

    ~ Hels ~

  3. Hi Tim

    I was just looking at your photos. What colour is the carpet? Looks like the one we're getting but we don't have a photo. We've gone for the Belmont Gamekeeper.

    If you want you can see our blog at www.projectregent.com. We're building the Regent 23 in Point Cook


  4. Hey Michael, Yeah that's the carpet we chose too. Looks good :D. Although the picture isn't the best and makes it look like theres some weird color on the carpet :S..