Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Electrical Plans

Been a while since I updated and I can't believe I didn't post this earlier but here are my electrical plans!

Pretty awesome, slaved over those plans for hours but I think I got it good. Anyone have any ideas for improvement?

As you may / may not have noticed but the site has undergone some changes! Hours of work (not really) but I managed to pull it off. For the better I think, it shows pictures better.

Also went to visit a display version of our house!.. In Epping... I live in Hampton Park at the moment... DO YOU KNOW HOW FAR EPPING IS FROM HAMPTON PARK!! About 1.5hours worth VIA the eastlink is how far. Anyway for those that have found Epping to be quite the drive but still want to see the house, we took lots of photos and the link is on the right side of the blog. 

Changes to the blog are:
  • Layout
  • Links to the right side of the blog

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